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“I loved this newsletter. It's great how you break down us readers' resistances to taking care of ourselves, and do it with such a sweet and gentle voice with that touch of humor. Questions like those are excellent tools for re-focusing; getting back on track with what's important and letting go of what's not.”

- Ella Jolly, Social Worker
New York City

My step-by-step guide to crafting your 2014 health & wellness goals

There’s something about December that pulls me to reflect on the past year and think about the coming one. I guess these dark, chilly nights have a way of doing that, huh? Recently, in between bites of chocolate and sips of tea, I started making my 2014 Dream List, which includes a whole category for Health & Wellness. I find it helpful once in a while to pause the swirl of life and actually assess, piece by piece, what’s been working well and what to lessen or let go of.

Below are some of the questions I ask myself to get things rolling, and I invite you to ask yourself these questions, too. And as much as possible, to simultaneously, lovingly stretch the bounds of what feels feasible (yes, I’m talking time and $), what you believe you deserve, or any “shouldn’t needs.” What’s a “shouldn’t need”? It’s anything where you think about the thing, want it and know it would be really good for you, and then tell yourself you shouldn’t need it. I see this happen a lot around peoples’ health needs, including my own. “Shouldn’t needs” can be sneaky and multi-layered, so no need to knock the whole wall down in one fell swoop. A little curiosity can go a long way : )

So with that, make a cup of tea, grab your computer or journal and settle in : )

* Which health & wellness practices did you engage in this year? (i.e. bodywork, special diet, herbs/supplements, exercise, meditation, sleep habits, making art, journaling, etc.)

* Which of these practice(s) have improved your sense of well-being on a consistent basis?

* Which practice(s) would you like to continue or do more of? If so, how frequently?

* Which practice(s) do you want to try tweaking, scaling back, or stopping?

* Are there any new/different practices or practitioners you’d like to try? When would you like to start?

* Most importantly, how would you like to FEEL in the coming year? How would you like to feel in your body? (Perhaps lighter, easier, softer, more open, etc.).

And speaking of how you’d like to feel, check out this AWESOME interview between so-hot-right-now Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo for a more comprehensive and holistic guide on goal-setting with soul:

As Danielle says: “You’re not chasing the goal, you’re chasing a feeling.”

With that, I hope to see you before the clock strikes 2014! And if not, may you have a sweet rest of the year and see you in the next.

With love,

Inspiration Nugget


“Every feeling experience you have ever had
is stored in the unconscious mind and
cannot be erased.
Since there are no erase buttons in
the unconscious mind,
all of its information regarding
feelings, perceptions,
memories and understandings
is at our disposal to be tapped and utilized
like the data stored in a computer.
It is our most powerful resource.
This also means that one does not have to “get rid of” anything
in order to develop into a more fully realized person.
One can simply add more
positive experiences to one’s life.”
– Milton Trager from “Trager Mentastics: Movement as a Way to Agelessness.”

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