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“I loved this newsletter. It's great how you break down us readers' resistances to taking care of ourselves, and do it with such a sweet and gentle voice with that touch of humor. Questions like those are excellent tools for re-focusing; getting back on track with what's important and letting go of what's not.”

- Ella Jolly, Social Worker
New York City

Feeling like a series of problems to be fixed? Try this gentle re-frame instead…

On this Winter Solstice, I wanted to say hello, and share this recent post I wrote that seems to have struck a chord with people.

At a time of year when expectations and stress levels can sometimes run high, I hope you’ll let this be window in to harnessing deeper self-awareness and self-compassion.

Your Gentle Nudge is simply to read below and tune in to your body as you do. For example, how does you body respond to hearing, “and that’s ok?” Is there a softening somewhere, an exhale? Anything else?


What if, for a moment, you dropped all the times you’ve been told you (or some part of your body) is:

out of alignment
not strong
not firing properly
a mess…

And, just for a second, you told yourself, “and that’s ok.”

The thing is, we can be rotated or imbalanced and do all the things we want to do, even without discomfort. We’re all compensating in one way or another. None of us are symmetrical. None of us are fully aware at all times, either.

We can feel tight or tense to someone else, yet experience no pain or restriction.

And often times, it is the “weakest” among us who are the strongest.

Sometimes, it IS helpful to explore these narratives about ourselves; to understand what could be stronger, or more relaxed, or more in balance. So it can get a little confusing.

But none of these adjectives are inherently BAD, just as there are no bad or negative emotions/feelings.

We all need the ability to be weak and strong, tense and relaxed, out of whack and in alignment.

It if often those “bad” qualities that are serving a very vital purpose, too…

So maybe, as we work to improve, we can learn to honor it all. We can learn to thank our tightness for protecting us. We can learn to feel the deep strength in our “weak” cores and backs. It might be quiet, but I guarantee you, it’s there.

(Originally shared via my Gentle Nudges Newsletter on December 21, 2017. To receive these notes in your inbox, be sure add your name and email and sign up below.)

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