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Using social proof to position yourself as a massage expert

Massage Magazine ran a 3-part series on positioning yourself as a massage expert, and I’m happy to be featured in the part on using social proof! Many thanks to all my wonderful clients who’ve taken the time to write thoughtful testimonials about our work together. (You can view some of these throughout my website, and on my Yelp page).

Here’s a clip from the article. You can view the full article here.

“Since she started using social proof as a marketing tactic, massage therapist Helena Teply-Figman, C.M.P., of Hummingbird Bodyworks, has gone from having 100-percent same-day bookings to having half of her calendar booked in advance with repeat clients. She shares testimonials on almost every page of her website and can direct prospective clients to a full page of reviews on Yelp.

“I started by approaching clients that I had worked with for at least a year and had made significant progress with me. They were more than happy to give me a testimonial or leave an online review,” said Teply-Figman. “I also follow up with an email to new clients after their first session. It’s good customer service, and sometimes those clients will reply telling me how great their experience was. Often they’re happy to let me use their review on my website or social media, and even post it to my Yelp page.”

Whether you send email follow-ups like Teply-Figman or have printed cards you hand to clients with their receipts, creating a regular way to collect and share reviews and other forms of social proof will help grow your credibility and influence as an expert in massage therapy.”

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