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- Ella Jolly, Social Worker
New York City

[VIDEO] Got Jaw Tension? Try this easy Self-Massage for Relief in just 2mins!

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from my clients is about jaw tension and jaw tension related issues. It seems we’re clenching our jaws at our desks, with our clients, in our sleep, on the train, when we’re focusing and thinking hard, or doing a tough yoga pose or a set of Pilates hundreds.

We sometimes clench when we’re stressed, angry or suppressing emotion. And, we use our mouths all day long to speak, chew, smile, laugh, etc.

Our jaws are working hard for us! Sometimes a little too hard, eh?

Fortunately, the jaw is a wonderful and easy place to do self-massage because it’s so easy to touch on our own (unlike some hard-to-reach parts of our back or shoulders). While getting your jaw massaged can be dreamy, I’ve found it really useful to get in the habit of doing a couple minutes of self-massage daily. I especially like to do this after a day of seeing clients, right before bed, and any time I need quick tension and stress relief.

I even notice that relaxing my jaw can have positive benefits for neck, shoulder, eye and forehead tension, so even if you’re not aware of having jaw tension, it can be helpful to practice relaxing your jaw anyway (and I find people are often surprised by how much tension they hold in their jaw : )

Here is the video I made for you with a quick and easy jaw tension self-massage practice. Your Gentle Nudge is to watch it now and make awesome, funny faces with me!

With love and relaxed jaws,

P.S. Did you like this video? Know someone with jaw tension related issues (teeth grinding, TMJ, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, etc)? Be a pal and forward this email to them or share on social. They’ll thank you : )

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