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- Ella Jolly, Social Worker
New York City

3 Simple Foam Rolling Moves to Gently Relieve Back Tension

Foam rolling has been a self-care love of mine for many years. Foam rollers helped me through my professional dance career, alleviating muscle soreness and tension so I could get through classes and rehearsals (though I no longer roll out my poor IT bands. Yeow!).

Now as a bodyworker, I use foam rolling for quick tune-ups in between clients, to get moving at the start of the day, or to unwind at the end of the day. Ahhhhh.

It is honestly one of the self-care techniques I recommend most for anyone wanting to alleviate back tension on their own. Foam rolling is inexpensive, easy to learn the basics, and can be very productive in a short amount of time.

(I also find foam rolling to be lovely for Highly Sensitive People and those who consider themselves more physically sensitive. A lot of folks shy away from foam rolling, fearing it’s too intense or painful, but it can truly be a restorative, gentle experience!)

In this video, I go over:

– What you need in order to do foam rolling
– WHY to foam roll
– Principles of foam rolling specifically for tension release to keep you safe and feeling good (also, it doesn’t need to hurt!)
– 3 simple moves for releasing back, shoulder and neck tension in less than 5min that nearly ANYONE can do, even if you’ve never touched a foam roller.
– I’m taking name suggestions for my foam roller 😜

Please, post your foam rolling questions and feedback in the comments below! Let me know how it goes, and please ‘Share’ with your tribe. We can all use more simple self-care tools at our disposal :)

{Filmed on August 4, 2017 at my bodywork office in downtown San Francisco.}

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